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Jerry Simmons Receives Golden Trowel Award

Today, we are proud to congratulate Brother Jerry Simmons who received on of the highest honors in Masonry, the Golden Trowel Award.

Golden Trowel Award

As one of the highest honors any Texas freemason can receive, the Golden Trowel Award was established by the Grand Lodge of Texas for the purpose of recognizing any mason who has consistently demonstrated outstanding and exemplary service to in the community. Golden Trowel recipients display commitment to masonic principles in general and/or in their lodge. Year after year, these brothers have shown dedication to the moral and philanthropic teachings of Masonry without any thought given to personal recognition. These are men who spread symbolic cement that binds our organization together into a lasting structure.

Jerry Simmons has consistently showed his dedication to the craft and his fellow masons.

Please join us in congratulating Jerry Simmons!


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