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Freemasonry is a society that teaches a philosophy which gives each member the tools he needs to improve and become the best version of himself.


The Rituals or Rites of Freemasonry have been performed for centuries and we are proud to offer world class ceremonies to our initiates


Between our instructors and our educational dinners with world class speakers, you will be exposed to the brightest masonic minds available


A Masonic Lodge has a framework for organizational leadership which most modern governments were based off of; with the right mentorship, Masonry can provide you with valuable leadership opportunities


Above all, Freemasonry (or Masonry) reminds its members that there is more to life than the challenges they face each day.  Freemasonry encourages each man to worship and further their relationship with God but it does not dictate a path to salvation, as this is left to a Brothers Church, Temple, Mosque, etc. Freemasonry accepts men of all races and creeds, requiring only three beliefs that most men (and religions) agree upon; a belief in a supreme being, the divine authenticity of the holy scriptures (whatever your faith is), and life after death or the immortality of the soul.

People find Masonry hard to define because it encompasses so many areas…  history, philosophy, charity, ritual, etc…  but our favorite definition is “the Brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God!” After it has equipped a good man with the tools to improve himself, it surrounds him with other good men who are on the same journey! If you are interested in joining you should find a Masonic Lodge near you and ASK to join; you will never be asked by a Mason to join because each man must make that choice for himself.

If accepted, it will change your life for the better, as it leads to true friendships with good men and mentors you would have never known otherwise.

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